I’m Avni and I’m the Founder of Virtuelicious. I want to welcome you to a world of quick cooking.

I originally set up Virtuelicious to raise awareness about food and packaging waste. I wanted to prove that there is another way. So I use compostable packaging and offer portion sized recipe blends…so there is no food or packaging waste.

But that’s not all, I wanted to make cooking easy. I come from a corporate background where I worked ridiculously long hours and found it hard to cook after a long day at work. It was imperative to me that whatever I produced would enable people that found them in a similar situation to eat homemade food. So with my kits you can do the prep for a meal in ten minutes plus cooking time.

As well as the recipe blends, I also help people to overcome their cooking hurdles through coaching. I’m finding it extremely rewarding to see the transformation…the excitement on people’s faces when they send me pictures of meals they have made but never thought they would be able to!

So that’s me…a home cook wanting to help everyone to experience the joy of home cooking.

Contact: Avni Gohil

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