The Scenic Route Shop

Our story begins in June 2020, it’s about bringing our fellow travellers trustworthy products for every adventure.

We are a responsible lifestyle brand who are about constant refinement, a work in progress striving towards a better and cleaner clothing future.

We want you to join us on the road less travelled, to inspire each other to take The Scenic Route instead of the race to over consumption.

We believe in making small changes to our everyday life in order to help preserve our world for generations to come.

We love to travel, to explore the wonders this world has to offer. We must be accountable for the decisions we make as a brand so we can motivate one another to look after this planet and it’s people!

As we learn about the negative affects the clothing industry has on the planet, we decided that being ‘sustainable’ simply wasn’t enough, we need to be held responsible for the decisions we make as a company.

We have a bold ambition to stock clothing and accessories made from entirely recycled materials.

When we recycle our unwanted goodies, we gift them to our future selves as we work towards a completely circular clothing model and keep them out of landfill for good.

We currently sell clothing and accessories that are organic and or recycled, all of our organic products are currently in the sale and we are going to let them sell our in order to replace them with recycled alternatives.

We have children’s PJ tops and baby grows, accessories such as journals, hats and bags, as well as adult clothing, jumpers and T Shirts.