Camping enthusiast launches camping’s answer to Airbnb.

Nature lover and festival goer Rebecca Heaps launched the UKs first national tent share company: a pioneering peer-to-peer tent-lending platform aimed at reducing waste and promoting a more sustainable way to camp. Just like Airbnb, Tentshare offers a way to make money and save money by reusing and sharing tents.

Tentshare is a passion project Rebecca launched to help tackle the waste that is worsening year on year in the camping community.

‘The boom in festival attendance over the last fifteen years has changed the way we think of tents. Tents have gone from being a loved item that is looked after for years, to a single use, throwaway product. People think nothing of purchasing a cheap tent, pitching it up and leaving it behind when they go home. During the pandemic, this attitude has worsened, with some campsites having to close due to being unable to cope with the waste that had been left behind. Tentshare has been founded to help change this.’
Rebecca Heaps, Tentshare Founder.

On the Tentshare platform there are already a wide range of reasonably priced tents being offered online. From bell tents to small pop-ups, something to suit every camping need, creating the opportunity to try before you buy. Tent owners have a centralised place to transform their unused tent into a money-making resource. The business model is based on the peer to peer marketplace economy, driving the sharing economy forward.

“It is a win-win for the planet and the people; the tent owners gets an income, the person who hires the tent doesn’t have to spend lots on a tent they may never use again. Plus, more people are spending more time in nature. It’s perfect!”

Tentshare is committed to creating a sharing, caring camping community, where experienced campers can share their knowledge and experience as well as their tents. Having just been launched, this new eco-friendly company will minimise waste and help us move towards a greener future; one that is better for our families and for the planet.

Contact: Rebecca Heaps