CoCo Nation

Base materials of all our products are usually thrown away after extracting its financial value or not at all been used commercially. For example, coconut shells are thrown away in Asian households after extracting the water and scraping out the flesh. We add more value to these leftovers before it degrades, providing a substitute for much harmful single use plastics.

COCO Cocktail/Smoothie Bowl set

A Green substitute for single-use plastics within households. We substitute the single-use plastic cups with a cup made of coconut shells and plastic straws and stirrers with bamboo straws. The elegance, robustness, and exotic appearance of the coconut shell and bamboo would enhance the appetite for cocktails and mocktails. This product comes in a pack of 4 cups, 4 bamboo straws, and a scrubber made of coconut fiber for cleaning purposes. This is ideal for home use as well as a gift to your close family/friend for Christmas.

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