Cheshire Cat Gin

A unique blend of botanicals are carefully chosen from around the world and infused in his finest neutral grain spirit to create each products distinctive, smooth, flavour.

The brand plays on the characters and story arc of the famous Alice In Wonderland novels created by Lewis Carroll – they are instantly recognisable but have been given a modern slant that carries playful and engaging branding and incredible product quality. Each of our core collection of London Dry Gins (6 in total) are based around one of the 6 core characters of the novel – Cheshire Cat, Mad Hatter, White Rabbit, Queen Of Hearts, Caterpillar and The Queen’s Soldiers. The brand story is based around Cheshire Cat being a master distiller in his home of Wonderland and the other characters contribute to his distillery in their own, unique ways – adding different flavour combinations that relate to their characters.