Blend 6 Sensual & Hormonal Balancing Essential oil blend x 5ml 100% Pure & Undiluted

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Although originally designed to ease menstrual and menopausal problems in women, many men report an easing of stress and tension and a significant increase in sex drive.

Blend 6 is designed to be a potent reproductive and sexual tonic and is designed to work on both the physiology of the reproductive system and on the emotions and stresses that can impact on sexual desire and performance.

The uplifting fragrance of Sweet Orange is complimented by the euphoric action of Clary Sage while YlangYlang balances the hormones and Lavender, together with Chamomile ease away tension and stress. The cleansing and balancing action of Cypress, Geranium and Rosewood enhances the process while the essence of Sandalwood lifts the spirit and deepens the breathing.

Blend 6 is a useful alternative to Blend 1 as an aid to sleep or as a treatment for stress as it does not have the stimulating top notes present in Blend 1. Blend 1 is most useful for those people who 'fret' about not sleeping whereas Blend 6 is simply very relaxing.

Blend 6 has proved to be a great favourite with many people (especially couples) because of its wonderful balancing of the reproductive and circulatory systems and consequent stimulation of the sex drive. Many men have reported a marked increase in sexual desire and improved performance as a welcome by-product to using this blend.

When used for easing menstrual problems, Blend 6 should be added to a suitable carrier oil (such as Sweet Almond) or lotion in a ratio of 1 drop to 3ml base and gently massaged into the tummy area (clockwise) – use should begin in the week leading up to menstruation. If cream is preferred then mix in a ratio of 1 drop per 2gm cream

For menopausal problems and general stress, Blend 6 should be added to a bath (5-7 drops) and used in a burner or diffuser (evening only due to its sedative properties).

For increasing sex drive or as general sexual stimulant, Blend 6 should be used in a bath, burner/diffuser or as a massage oil (1 drop per 2mls carrier).

Contra-indications for Blend 6
Do not use if pregnant or trying for a baby. Very sensitive skins - To test your reaction to a blend or oil, simply apply a few drops of what you intend to use onto the gauze of a normal plaster and put the plaster on your fore arm leaving for 24 hours. If there is no reaction or irritation you should have no problems.

When to use
Blend 6 can be used as required.

General properties and effects Of Blend 6
Antiseptic. Relaxing. Sensual stimulant. Soothing. Euphoric. Nerve tonic. Calms, clears, strengthens. Comforting. Anti-depressant. Urinary antiseptic and Genito-urinary tonic.

Therapeutic uses
Sexual stimulant. Menopausal. Uterine and menstrual problems. PMT. Stress. Menstrual regulation. Hot flushes. Low sex drive. Cystitis. Post-natal depression. Insomnia.

How to use Blend 6
Inhalation - 4 or 5 drops of Blend 6 in a burner or humidifier. 5 or six drops of blend 6 in the bath. 2-4 drops on the duvet or in a vaporizer. Use any or all of these methods. For complaints such as menstrual irregularities, 6 drops in a bath in the evening + 3 drops per teaspoon (5ml) carrier oil or neutral cream gently massage stomach area clockwise for about 5 minutes. For insomnia, 2 drops on the pillow/night attire.

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