Blend 5 Essential Oil Blend x 5 ml Antifungal 100% Pure & Undiluted

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The initial impact of Blend 5 is that of Bergamot, Tea Tree, Lavender and Geranium, which begin to act on the fungal growth or infection. The initial impact is reinforced and followed by the deeper action of Tagetes and Myrrh. Early versions proved very effective in the treatment of thrush and athletes foot and even the removal of fungal growths on walls in kitchens and bathrooms (thanks to some lateral thinking from a client who made a 1 drop to 10ml warm water solution and washed their walls in it!) but it took a great deal of development before it was effective in most fungal conditions.

Nail infections are quite challenging but the current blend is very effective in clearing them.

For thrush, the treatment is a few drops (5 - 7) under running water in a bath in which a client should soak for 10 - 15 minutes. 1 drop per 10mls hypoallergenic & fragrance free shower gel (just add to the bottle & mix or pour bottle contents into a jug, add Blend 5, mix and pour back into the bottle) used as normal. 3 - 5 drops Blend 5 added to warm water and then filtered through a paper coffee filter (to remove undissolved oil) then dip a tampon into the solution and insert - leave for an hour or so and repeat daily.

Where the infection is oral, 2 - 3 drops Blend 5 should be put into 10 ml alcohol (i.e. vodka) and then filtered through a paper coffee filter to remove undissolved oil. 20 ml water should then be added and this should be used as a mouth rinse - care should be taken not to swallow the mixture.

Contra-indications for Blend 5
Very sensitive skins - To test your reaction to a blend or oil, simply apply a few drops of what you intend to use onto the gauze of a normal plaster and put the plaster on your fore arm leaving for 24 hours. If there is no reaction or irritation you should have no problems.

When to use
Blend 5 should be used twice daily (morning and evening).

General properties and effects Of Blend 5
Antiseptic. Antibiotic. Anti-viral. Anti-fungal. Anti-bacterial. Anti-inflammatory.

Therapeutic uses
All fungal infections.

How to use Blend 5
For complaints such as Athletes foot, 4 -5 drops in a footbath, 3 drops in a teaspoon of cream, lotion or oil massage over affected area and between the toes.

For nail infections, 1 drop neat blend applied to the upturned toe behind the nail - best applied after soaking the foot to soften growth and gently scooping out what you can using a nail file.

For Thrush, 5 -6 drops in bath, you can use a Tampon dipped in a solution of warm water with 3 - 4 drops of Blend 5 which has been filtered through a paper coffee filter to remove undissolved oil and inserted (same solution can be applied as a douche).
1 drop per 3mls live yoghurt.

For general use: 1ml in 25ml Castor Seed and 75ml Sunflower used daily. 1ml per 100ml shampoo or shower gel

For plants: 30 drops in 5ml solubiliser, mixed and added to 100ml water - use daily. For Black Spot fungus: 10 drops in 10ml Caster Oil brushed on affected areas daily

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