Blend 32 - Deodorising Essential Oil Blend x 5ml 100% Pure & Undiluted

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What sets Blend 32 apart from the rest of the oils in our range is that it is the only blend in our range that was blended purely for its fragrance (and deodorising properties).

Blend 32 brings together essential oils of Basil, Cinnamon, Clary Sage, Clove, Frankincense, Ginger, Orange, Patchouli, Spearmint and
Ylang Ylang.

Blend 32 was created as a result of a client who had a problem trying to sell their old car – it stunk of two farm dogs and, try what he may, he couldn’t get the smell out. It sorted out our friends’ problem but has gone on over the past year of trials to prove itself effective against all strong and undesirable smells be that pet bedding or smoking.

Blend 32 is effective against all odours and is equally effective as a spray for trainers, a deodorising body lotion or a cream for smelly feet.

Two or three drops sprinkled in a car will neutralise the smell of cigarettes, a couple of drops in a burner will fragrance a whole room for hours and, diluted in a water spray, soft furnishings and pet bedding are made tolerable again – do test the spray on discrete areas to check for staining before use on soft furnishings. The Blend can also be added to shower gels, body lotions etc. as a personal cosmetic product.

Making your own products:

Massage oils - use 1 drop per 3ml base oil such as Sweet Almond, Sunflower or Grapeseed

Perfume and fragrance oils - 10% dilution (1ml per 10ml base oil such as Sunflower or Jojoba)

Lotion - As above but mix the oil in a ratio of 1:3 of solubiliser (available from our shop) to ensure the oil will disperse properly in your lotion thereby enabling you to use any lotion base you wish to use - our own lotion (available from our shop) is specially formulated to take up to 3% oil without the need for solubiliser. 5ml Blend makes 500ml lotion

Sprays and water based solutions - Mix the blend with solubiliser in a ratio of 1ml to 3ml solubiliser stirring rigorously then stir in your water - 5ml makes 500ml solution which you can decant into a suitable spray bottle keeping the remainder in the fridge to increase shelf-life. The solution can also be used directly in a burner, Globe or bath (10ml per application)

Creams, gels and body butters - Use in a ratio of 1 drop per 2gm base. If using a water based gel or cream then mix the oil with a little solubiliser first (1:2 ratio) to ensure dispersal.

Candles and soaps - Use 1 drop per 1gm finished product mixing in a little base oil such as Apricot or Sweet Almond before adding to your core ingredients

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