Blend 30 - Anti-fungal Essential Oil Blend for Nails x 5 ml 100% Pure & Undiluted

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Bringing together oils renowned for their antifungal/antimicrobial properties maintaining healthy feet and nails - dilute in oil or cream for feet and nails. Blend 30 is a powerful blend primarily designed for the effective treatment of fungal nail infections

Blend 5 is the blend of choice for all general fungal problems – including fungal nail infections. However, we have come across cases of long established nail problems that have been slow to respond to Blend 5 hence the decision to develop Blend 30.

Combining essential oils of Bergamot, Chamomile, Cinnamon, Geranium, Lavender, Palmarosa and Thyme

Do not use the first 3 months of pregnancy

Using the Blend

On beginning treatment, feet should be soaked in warm water (normal bathing should suffice) for at least 10 minutes. The softened deposits under the affected nail can now be scooped out (as much as possible) using a nail file or other suitable implement. The toes should now be left for a few minutes to dry thoroughly.

Once the feet are dry, place 1 or two drops of the blend on and behind the upturned toenail and allow it to fully soak in, repeat daily.

Treatment should be effective within a few days or weeks depending on how long you have had the problem and how extensive/established the infestation is.

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