Blend 1 - Stress, Anxiety, Phobias Essential Oil Blend x 5ml - 100% Pure & Undiluted

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As in perfumery, there are top, middle and base fragrance notes. The top note is the first you will notice and the first to fade followed by the middle notes which, in turn give way to the long-lasting base notes which can leave a trace for days or even longer - many clothes hung in a wardrobe will testify to lingering base notes!

The Blend 1 story
Blend 1 is designed to be powerfully and deeply relaxing in it's action on the mind, body and spirit. Blend 1 was the first generic blend we produced and it is the best illustration of how we create our blends. Many of the early blends were developed for health professionals - particularly nurses and this is especially true of Blend 1. The problem we were presented with was that they would go to bed after a night shift and find that they could not sleep. They tried Lavender as well as Clary Sage and many other oils with sedative properties but still they could not sleep.

Traditional aromatherapy did not seem to work for them. Our thinking went to Gattefosse - the person who re-discovered the use of plant essences for therapeutic purposes whilst working in perfumery. We saw how the makers of perfume used 'the nose' and constructed complex blends of many essences with 'top notes' that would be the first 'impression' followed by middle and then base notes that you could smell on your clothes for days or even weeks later. This took us right back to the drawing board as we realised that we had missed out on so much of the potential of aromatherapy having limited ourselves to the properties of individual oils rather than the complex relationship between oils as they are blended together and the order in which they impact on our senses and physiology. Starting with a full understanding (a correct diagnosis) of what we were dealing with on a physical, emotional and mental level - we were able to identify the issues we had to address and the order in which we had to address them.

After a night at the hospital, the nurses were physically tired. Their minds were locked into the 'I must stay awake' mode. Their emotions were disengaged - they were disassociated and 'professional'. They had to be stimulated mentally and engaged emotionally before they could begin to relax and they had to relax before they could be encouraged to drift off to sleep when their breathing would need to be deepened to enable a deeper sleep otherwise they would wake up an hour or so later because their body clock told them it was day time and they should be awake.

The top notes in Blend 1 are therefore stimulating to both the mind and nervous system and they are followed by middle notes that act on the muscles to relax them bringing the welcome relief of sleep at which time the base notes become apparent and act on the chest and lungs to deepen the breathing ensuring a deep, long-lasting and satisfying sleep from which they can awaken restored, refreshed and able to cope with the coming night. Whether for a baby that has worked itself up into frenzy and can't sleep or whether your mind is too active to let you rest, Blend 1 will relax you down and send you off to a relaxing and deep sleep. To aid sleep, Blend 1 should be applied to the pillow or bedclothes/night attire or used as a room fragrance at night or put into your evening bath. It is also excellent as a general relaxing massage oil.

The initial impact of Blend 1 is that of Basil and Lavender together with a hint of Roman Chamomile to calm, focus and balance your whole being from your mind to your nervous system. This is overlapped and followed by a deepening relaxation, soothing and calming as Clary Sage with a hint of YlangYlang relax your muscles and ease away your stress and tension. Finally, the action of Frankincense and Sandalwood deepen your breathing and bring a long lasting and deep calm that will permeate your whole being through the day and beyond.

Other applications for Blend 1

As you can see, Blend 1 is for those times when we are over-tired or highly stressed and need to restore balance as well as maintaining control. It is perfect for those studying for exams or preparing for interviews and meetings, taking a driving test or for those who suffer from stage fright. It is for anytime where tensions run high but you need to be focused, as it's first impact is to stimulate the mind whilst also relaxing the body. To help in these situations, Blend 1 should be 'sniffed' from the bottle or a handkerchief before important meetings or exams (during them too if you start feeling tense).

Contra-indications for Blend 1
Very low blood pressure. Very sensitive skins - To test your reaction to a blend or oil, simply apply a few drops of what you intend to use onto the gauze of a normal plaster and put the plaster on your forearm leaving for 24 hours. If there is no reaction or irritation you should have no problems.

When to use

Blend 1 should be used in the evening and at home due to its potent calming action or at times of stress such as interviews or exams.

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