Recycled Silver

I had the pleasure of attending a workshop at Hiraeth Creative in Folkestone and made these stunning earrings.

I love them and when I realised that the silver we used came from recycled x-rays. I know, hard to believe but all the silver used in the shop and the workshops is recycled or upcycled.

The workshop was brilliant, Just three of us working on our own pair of earrings so each were the same but different.

A fabulous afternoon making something practical and learning new skills at the same time.

This is how they extract the silver from x-rays. The silver recovery process from x-ray films is done by stripping all of the x-ray films with a unique liquid which removes the silver into fluid and leaves the x-ray 100% blank, the plastic is than dried shredded, baled and sold for PET reuse. This process assures that all of the records on x-ray films are being destructed