Going Back To Basics!

I’ve had a great weekend and cooked for some friends on Saturday evening.

That might sound like a simple thing to do but for me, it was a big deal. I’ve lost my confidence to cook over the last couple of years and inviting friends for supper was a big step to getting back to what I love – cooking for friends.

I grew up in a house where my mother cooked everything from scratch and my father grew vegetables in the garden. I helped both of them and that’s where my love of cooking and gardening comes from.

When my children were young, I cooked everything from scratch, or nearly everything – and often had friends round for lunch or supper. It was what I was used to and it became my passion.

However, all that changed a few years ago when life took a different turn. Cooking just became something I needed to do in order to survive and cooking for one was definitely not something I enjoyed.

But … this weekend I spent Saturday afternoon in the kitchen cooking a simple supper for friends. I made a tomato tart tartin, fresh mayonnaise and a hummus salad dressing. The piece de resistance was lemon posset for dessert. So simple but absolutely delicious.

Returning to what I love best and going back to basics. Reversing The Tide and getting back to a healthier lifestyle

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