Do You Worry About Using Essential Oils Safely?

Some years ago I loved the idea of essential oils but was a bit scared of them! I didn’t know how to use essential oils safely and so didn’t use them at all which with hindsight, was a bit ridiculous.

I decided to embark on a year long course to learn about essential oils and aromatherapy massage.

I can’t say that it was easy but I did it and came out the other end with a qualification in anatomy and physiology and another in aromatherapy and massage.

From there I decided to practice and ran a small clinic to use my newly acquired skills.

Life then threw a few curved balls and I decided to stop the clinic but continued to use the oils at home.

Essential oils are amazing but they have to be respected. They are very powerful and can change the mood of a room or a person very quickly and easily BUT there are a few rules which need to be adhered to.

I would never advice anyone to put essential oils directly onto their skin or ingest them. I know that there are people who do but for me, that is a risk that I’m not prepared to take.

Essential oils can burn and you don’t really know what happens if you ingest them. It is much safer to dilute the oils and apply them to your skin either in a carrier oil, in a cream or lotion or in a bubble bath. That way they naturally get into the blood stream and get to work wherever they are needed.

If in doubt, consult a qualified aromatherapist. Essential oils are a joy to have in your life but why take risks when you don’t need to?

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